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Uniformed Security

Service Benefits & Guarantees

At Affinium Security & Protection, we guarantee our services by providing outstanding performance. We are able to do this based on our extensive Training and experience. 

      Our uniform division offers:

  • Experienced Armed and Unarmed security personnel  

  • 24 hour radio dispatch with emergency response

  • AZ State licensed 

  • Commitment to providing outstanding customer service

  • Retail and multi tenant sites

  • Industrial and commercial 

  • Medical Dispensary establishments

  • Medical facilities, 

  • Entertainment facilities, night club and sports bars

  • Multi housing facilities, Apartments,Hotel and Resorts
  • Reception Halls
  • Alarm response
  • Mobil Patrol
  • Vacation watch / Fire watch
  • Bank deposit courier service
  • Digital Report Writing

  • Real-Time Tracking

  • GEO Fencing

  • Clock-in and Clock-out Features

  • Stand-Alone Guard Monitoring