Capturing Parameters - AZ

We started our venture towards starting a new company with my life partner and wife Angie. We were a bit more determined to get things off in the right foot and taking business courses with Hustle Phoenix 101, 202 (and 303 coming), courses that could help a small business get on the right track with mentoring and coaching as one of their greatest assets. Came April 20th 2018 we launched and began a God sent journey into faith driven, hard working endeavor.

Today, June 27th 2019, we have vested all our energies and sustained a continuous pattern of growth with God and company. Affinium Security & Protection LLC., has enabled itself and brought some of the most elite and diverse managers and guards to the industry. We have had our hardships and occasional hiccups as expected, but we are continuously improving and creating a culture with our employees and clients.

Here is how it works;

Affinium combines two great attributes to this ever-growing industry in AZ (1, educated and professional staff and (2, a technology based management software program, which is designed to assuring great results to clients and employees alike no other. Simply put, we are changing the way people connect with a service provider. Let me explain why. Affinium hires only the best personnel with good customer service skills, good background, excellent recommendations and references, and at least 2 years security, military and or law enforcement background. The background check consist of Arizona Department of Public Safety license status check as well as an extensive Federal and local background check. Human Resource completes a Department of Motor Vehicle history, and a professional / personal reference check and filter process. Filtering means up to 3 people could be enrolled in the hiring process to make sure an employee is really who we want and make sure he really wants to work with AS&P- it is a great process to hand pick the best.

Our technology based service circles around customer service and profiles each location for a custom fit. We offer client portal for transparency. Here our clients can view digital reports as far back in the beginning of service, view GPS locations and current guard location, send real time messages and add tasks at the palm of client hands or any device. It is actually really neat and adds more then just a professional guard to the paradigm. In general the client gets to see everything that we see such as: Times on and off, schedules, GPS tracking, digital reports, analytics and trending activity, and so much more. They say, "I want to know what is going on at our properties." In short, we give our clients a peace of mind...

We are destined to keep growth and success in front of us and maintain the highest possible service guarantee as long as we have a forward look ahead.

Because your peace of mind matters, your security is our priority!

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